Bob Swagget

Age: 21 From: Toronto

i got family in high places like Jesus,niece

I need a directors cap like Quentin Tarantino is wearing here. I’m a director n stuff. I’m making a horror film.
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I'm only asking you because I need a boy to make me feel better about this. I am 22 years old, I have had a boyfriend from last year but that was long distance so we never did anything physical. I've never kissed a boy, and I've never obviously done anything else with a boy. It just makes me feel weird and that I'll always be alone. I didn't have many friends as a teenager. I hear boys judge girls on the stupidest things like their hair even. I feel like no boy will understand and will be mean.

Don’t rush anything. If it’s meant to happen, it will. Have patience and stop caring what other people think of you. 

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Aren't you from sauga

Born and raised. Shout out to hazel mccallion one time.